Park United Methodist Church

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2 Ways to Order

1.  At Host Site: See above we accept cash, money orders & EBT/SNAP cards. We do not accept checks

Please make money orders to:  Park SCF Ministry

2.  Online:

ParkUnited Methodist Church

2308 24th St. SW, Akron, OH 44314

PH. 330-745-3714 or 330-745-6864 




SMART CHOICE FOOD purchases Restaurant Quality Food which is packaged and shipped to our Host Sites for delivery to You, our customer. From the steaks which rival what you would receive in your favorite restaurant, to the items in our special Pasta Box, you will find the quality to be top-rate, and the prices to be much less than you would expect to pay for the quality and quantity you receive. It's clearly the SMART CHOICE.


First off, while many of our Host Sites accept payment from Food Stamp recipients, our program is designed to assist people of ALL income levels. Actually, nationwide, only about 20% of our orders come from folks who utilize public assistance. The balance of our orders come from families who are simply looking to cut their food costs. Most people in today's volatile financial climate are looking for ways to stretch their dollars. For most families, food is very high on the list of financial demands that they must struggle to satisfy each month. Our program is designed to provide a FOOD SOURCE to reach those families that are simply trying to stretch their dollars, without sacrificing quality when it comes to what they put on their dinner table.