Park United Methodist Church



Park United Methodist Church

 Week of January 19, 2019


 Our Mission, Our Calling!
Gifted by our Creator, we at Park United Methodist Church follow the way of Jesus as led by the Holy Spirit; as a community of faith and love, our mission is to make and mature disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world.



All are welcome to “Drop In” Bible study!  Come when you can for lively spirit led conversation as we engage with God’s word in the Gospel of Luke.  Join us each Sunday at 9:30am in Pastor Pam’s office.,



If you or a loved one suffers from the disease of addiction, Rev. Pamela will pray with you, listen to you, and share information about community resources. Contact the church office and just ask to meet with the Pastor. 


ZOE offers empowerment model to help orphans in Africa and beyond


Senior of the Week: Harry & Sandy Gromley, 3048 Littledale Road, Akron, OH 44319.



Missions- every believer’s calling


“God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!” (Ephesians 3:20  The Message)


Upcoming mission opportunities that need your support:

Noisy Offering —monies (coins and paper money) gathered in pails by the children on the first Sunday of each month for specific ministries. .


~Remember to save any Acme receipts that have Community Cash back on the bottom of the receipt.  Missions will used the monies reimbursed (7 % of the total cash back) to support mission projects.  Thank you for saving!



SCHEDULE FOR January 19 - January 26


Mon-     5:30 PM GED

            7:00 PM Boy Scouts

Tues-    1:00 PM Bible Study

7:00 PM Getting Ahead

Wed-    9:30 AM Bible Study

            2:30 PM JOBS

            5:30 PM GED

Thurs – 7:30 PM Choir Practice

Sat-     10:30 AM AA Meeting

            3:00-5:00 PM Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Workday-gym

Sun-     9:30 AM Sunday School

           10:30 AM Worship Service




Believe it or not, winter is coming eventually!  Doesn’t a warm pepperoni roll sound good on a cold day?  Maybe you need a quick lunch.  Or maybe you’re having a Super Bowl party.  Perhaps friends pop over to visit and you have nothing to serve them.  The Outreach Ministry can help you out.  We are selling 7-inch pepperoni rolls for $2 each.  But wait, there’s more! For every 5 rolls that you purchase, we will give you a jar of marinara sauce absolutely free!


You can choose from the following rolls –


  • Pepperoni and Cheese
  • Just Cheese 
  • Hot Pepper and Cheese
  • Garlic and Cheese
  • Jalapeno Pepperoni with Chipotle Cheese


The pepperoni rolls are made of high quality ingredients at That’s a Wrap Café in Youngstown.  We will pick them up for you and bring them to Park Church.     

                                                                                                                                          Orders must be in no later than Friday, January 24th ,  with payment at the time of the order, and will be ready for pick up at church on Sunday, February 2nd .   Proceeds will go to the Helping Hands Fund and the Food Cupboard.


Call Cathy Schwall (330-896-0119) or the church office (330 745-3714) with your order.  Thanks, in advance, for your participation in this fundraiser.